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I’m at the point where I need to admit that I have no clue what life is about, I seem to go from bad to worser yet. No longer am I moving forward on a good day I hold what I have otherwise I’m going backwards falling further and further behind. I smile at people and act like everything is good, but behind the smile is the pain and sorrow of a life that was wasted. No woman holds me no one waits for me no friends await my arrival, what can I do to save myself I think it’s far to late for that. I’m not ready to die but I’m not happy anymore, I pray for help but can’t hear anything perhaps we are truly alone no God or Jesus. Maybe we come from darkness and at the end that’s where we will return I don’t know anymore. I’m so tired I don’t even want to try anymore, I would like some peace and time to not worry about the things that are driving me down. But it’s almost impossible to believe anymore, I cry for help but no one is there to hear me.

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Posted on 03:19PM on Jan 29th, 2013
all i can say is i TOTALLY understand. u took ALL the words right out of my head and mouth. esp. when u said u pray but no response. God loves me like a child, like His Son Jesus, He let Jesus suffer, though, in life and on the cross. But thats all i have to hope in. a man that i can not see and who let His own sign get tortured. i just realized that....right now....typing. thats scary and i feel bad for even thinking it and realizing it but i cant hide it from God by not typing it. if im thinking it, He already knows.
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